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Fox News

Before 6 am, Donald Trump proved Hillary Clinton's point about his temperament
Washington Post
And in doing so, Donald Trump did everything Hillary Clinton could have hoped he would, drawing out a now-week-long story about Alicia Machado, making things up and — above all — reinforcing all those very real questions about whether he has the ...
Trump camp returns fire, targets Clintons' treatment of womenFox News
Hillary Clinton blasts Donald Trump for report on Cuba businessLos Angeles Times
Clinton: Mark Cuban 'unsettled my opponent' Donald TrumpCNN
ABC News -Chicago Tribune
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New York Times

Trump Again Attacks Miss Universe Contestant
In a series of early-morning tweets, Trump criticized Alicia Machado as "my worst Miss U." and described her as "disgusting." Machado, who is now a telenovela actress, burst into political headlines during Monday's presidential debate, when Hillary ...
Donald Trump, in Flurry of Tweets, Bashes Alicia Machado and Hillary ClintonNew York Times
Donald Trump Attacks Alicia Machado's Past and Hillary Clinton's Judgement in 3 A.M. Twitter StormPeople Magazine
Insults key in Trump's toolkitThe Boston Globe
CBS News -PoliticusUSA -NBCNews.com
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Hillary Clinton jokes about Donald Trump, Gary Johnson on way to Chicago fundraiser
Either Donald Trump or I will be the president of the United States, and so people have to look carefully in making their decision about who to vote for, because it will either be him or me and I am going to do everything I can to make sure it's me ...

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Washington Times

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 7 points in New Hampshire in post-debate poll
Washington Times
Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 7 points in a four-way match-up in the battleground state of New Hampshire, according to a poll released Friday that showed voters in the Granite State, by a 3-to-1 margin, thought Mrs. Clinton won Monday's ...
Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton Wants Power for One Reason, 'To Protect Her Donors and Take Their Money'Breitbart News
Poll: Hillary Clinton leads Trump in New HampshireCBS News
Donald Trump holds small lead against Hillary Clinton in new state pollCharleston Post Courier

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Donald Trump Suggests Hillary Clinton Received FBI 'Immunity' Over Emails
ABC News
Almost three months after the FBI declined to recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email account while serving as secretary of state, Donald Trump on Thursday suggested that the Democratic candidate for ...
Trump Dubs Hillary Clinton's Staff 'The FBI Immunity Five' (VIDEO)TPM

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Samantha Bee Pounds Political Pundits In Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clin…
Hillary had the audacity to come to debate prepared, though Trump also did well for the 20 minutes, until Kellyanne Conway's control collar fell off his neck, Bee explained. That portion of the evening when Trump trotted out his “she doesn't have the ...

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Opinion: How Hillary Clinton could beat Donald Trump on his strongest issue
Trump has tapped into this reality, even though it's far from the whole story. He's within striking distance of Hillary Clinton because he was smart enough to hijack an issue that the Democrats had the advantage on for decades. Although voters have ...
Donald Trump Is Owning Hillary Clinton on TradeNew Republic

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Breitbart News

Breitbart News Daily: Trump Surge Quantified as Hillary Goes Low
Breitbart News
On the Friday edition of Breitbart News Daily, broadcast live on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 from 6AM to 9AM Eastern, Breitbart Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle will continue our discussion of the issues animating the presidential race, as ...

Fox News

Rove: Why the Next Week Is Critical for Both Hillary and Trump
Fox News
Donald Trump presented himself as the candidate who can bring change to America. He derided the current economy and the state of the nation, decried precarious world security and depicted Hillary Clinton as a 30-year Washington politician. But these ...

Bearing Arms

Trump 'Agrees' With Hillary on Gun Control—But Not How You're Thinking
Bearing Arms
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump disagreed on virtually everything during the first presidential debate Monday night. However, one of the few things they seemingly agreed on was gun control in regards to the TSA's no-fly list. “I agree with you,” Trump ...